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“Belarus managed to hype”. Results of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

On October 10, Minsk hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus, an event dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICOs. 20 speakers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland discussed features of the cryptocurrency market in the country, while 5 companies presented their recent industry solutions in the exhibition area.

Generally, the conference was attended by 200 guests, and the event was covered by 50 media partners.

The article reveals details of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus.

Key negotiations: topics of panel discussions       

As usual, panel discussions were the most active. Moreover, it discussed crucial issues: the results of 10 months of the Decree No. 8 on the Development of Digital Economy and the ways to attract investments to the blockchain technology market of the Republic of Belarus.       

The first discussion involved:

  • Elena Murashko: Partner at REVERA Law Firm;

  • Alexander Lozben: CEO at Cryptocode;

  • Dmitry Matveev: Expert at  Aleinikov&Partners Law Firm;

  • Anton Kulichkin: Business Angel, a member of the Association of Belarusian Business Angels Band.

The discussion moderator was Evgeniy Romanenko, a crypto economist and host of the iTuber channel. Experts concur that the adoption of cryptocurrency laws is a long process and there is no need to hurry when solving legislative issues.     

“This process requires time. The price is too high: we do not want Belarus getting into a mess related to money laundering and expulsion from the international communication. Our colleagues from Malta and the Isle of Man asked us to translate the Decree into English. They are exploring our experience,” Elena Murashko said.

At the same time, Alexander Lozben expressed disappointment over the well-known Decree No. 8.    

“Belarus managed to hype, but there was nothing afterwards. Indeed, we have the elaborated accounting of tokens, but is there any company putting them onto books? The Decree became effective without prepared standards,” the expert believes.  

The second discussion engaged Nadezhda Surova, a member of the Council on digital economy and blockchain technology under the State Duma, Valentina Drofa, CEO at ICOPR Agency, Gabil Tagiev, CEO at Rocket DAO, Alexander Bespalov, CEO at BeEasy blockchain ecosystem, and Vadim Nareyko, CEO and co-founder of BountyGuru. The experts were also joined by Anton Kulichkin, as a moderator this time. 

Discussion participants talked about the condition of the ICO Institute in Belarus, whether conventional venture capital would become an alternative to blockchain and crypto project financing, as well as offered efficient fund raising tools.    

Issues revealed by conference speakers 

A presentation by Dmitry Machikhin, a partner of GMT Legal, aroused much interest among participants. He talked about legal aspects of ICO preparations, details one should factor in before organizing a token sale, and rules of choosing a jurisdiction for an ICO.    

The conference also involved Artur Kuczmowski, a Senior Partner at Thompson&Stein. The expert analyzed aspects of AML and KYC procedures and explained their importance for the cryptocurrency market.     

Besides, Alexander Fedotov, a deputy director at the digital agency Olshansky and Partners, told the audience how to efficiently promote ICOs within modern realia.  

The full list of speakers is available on the event website.

Solutions presented in exhibition area  

The exhibition area allowed attendees to examine equipment and technologies designed for business optimization. Software and hardware developers introduced mining firmware, legal and complex services for blockchain integration, assets management and cryptocurrency processing services, professional advice and support of ICO projects, as well as blockchain platforms.

Besides, one of the exhibitors was a sponsor of the event – Hotmine, a manufacturer of mining equipment and R&D center supporting infrastructure and technological blockchain projects.

The organizer – Smile-Expo – has been holding events for businesses and high-tech solution developers for 12 years. Next in the line are three crypto events in Malta, the Philippines, and Russia.  

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