iTuber trader Igor Porokh: Cryptocurrency market is a Forex and stock market hybrid

iTuber trader Igor Porokh: Cryptocurrency market is a Forex and stock market hybrid

Cryptocurrency market has Forex and stock exchange combined in it. Therefore, for trading on it, one has to develop their own strategy. This is the opinion of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus speaker, analyst and trader of the online investor community iTuber, Igor Porokh. He shared his thoughts in an interview with the conference moderator Yevgeny Romanenko.


- Hello, Igor. Tell us a little bit more about your Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus presentation.

- I will talk about money risk management, behavior in the market and the psychology of cryptocurrency trading. In addition, I will demonstrate different trading strategies: using indicators, oscillators, support levels, so that the listeners can decide for themselves which one is more interesting to them. Cryptocurrency market beginners will learn about possible vectors of development and understand where to get information. And I will show my vision of the market and demonstrate my own trading strategy to experienced traders.

- Do you think experienced players who are familiar with trading on the stock exchange should go to the cryptocurrency market? Are the laws the same?

- Cryptocurrency market is a hybrid of Forex and the stock market. It is necessary to combine the rules of trade of both these platforms and create something new. Despite the fact that this market is at the stage of formation, in a day of trading cryptocurrencies you can earn as much as in a month on the stock exchange.

- What would you say to skeptics who are doubtful about trading cryptocurrency?

- Cryptocurrency market has all conditions for trading. In fact, this is the work that traders are used to doing: analysis of rates and open positions. The tools are the same, the market just has a different name. Of course, you should read about the risks before entering this market, but why not give it a try?


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