IT lawyer Vladimir Popov to tell about the challenges of reputation systems

IT lawyer Vladimir Popov to tell about the challenges of reputation systems

Why will reputation become the future p2p system? Why did reputation systems grow important to the modern blockchain community? CEO at the legal firm Vladimir Popov will address these issues at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus.

Vladimir will deliver a presentation titled ‘Establishment of the distributed system of the future: blockchain and reputation’.

The speaker will tell about the current state of the reputation systems mentioning highly specialized projects to global ecosystems. He will dwell on the history of the blockchain technology as well as explain the fundamentals of its philosophy. Vladimir will also speak about the main industry problems (including assessment of the social capital) and forecast its future challenges. The presentation will be full of case studies describing how IT projects were running ICO.

Vladimir Popov has been working in the legal sphere since 2005. Currently, he is an expert on law-related issues in IT. The speaker is Founder and Head at Synergis, a company that provides legal and consulting services to IT startups. Synergis can nowadays present 1000 practical cases, and their number grows monthly.

The speaker authored the books dedicated to legal problems in the sphere of token sales, analytical articles on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and IT legal framework. The expert is Founder at Irkutsk blockchain community. Since 2009, he has been a frequent speaker at online and offline conferences dedicated to IT and blockchain.

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