Igor Porokh from iTuber to dwell on the first steps in crypto trading

Igor Porokh from iTuber to dwell on the first steps in crypto trading

How to become a crypto trader? What is a financial base for a start? What knowledge should you possess? A successful trader and marketer Igor Porokh will cover these questions at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus.

Igor Porokh has been engaged in the currency market and fund exchange for already five years. In 2014, he got interested in investing and online earnings. The expert paid attention to the cryptocurrency market in 2016, and currently is an online entrepreneur and successful marketer. The speaker is also ranked the second best trader according to BTC Awards.

Porokh is an analyst and trader at the online community of investors iTuber. He has been allocating investments to revenue-generating projects and startups for already 10 years. They are mostly aimed at the cryptocurrency market and blockchain companies. The expertise of iTuber specialists embraces not only online investing but also teaching new community members its fundamentals.

At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus, Igor Porokh will deliver the presentation titled ‘Basic principles of cryptocurrency trading in 30 minutes: from the investment to the first income’. The speaker will feature the following:

  • the first steps in trading: knowledge you should possess for a start;
  • an optimal financial base for a start;
  • skills you have to master for profitable trading;
  • how to calculate risks not to lose money.

Join us at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus to find out the first steps of a successful crypto trader. The event is scheduled for October 10 in Minsk.

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