Blockchain news: ICO visa and a new mining chip

Blockchain news: ICO visa and a new mining chip

Botnet deletes software for concealed mining, France offers ICO visas, and Bitfury releases a new mining chip. Read about these and other blockchain news in the digest.

Bitfury releases a new ASIC for Bitcoin mining

Blockchain service provider Bitfury Group presented a new ASIC for Bitcoin mining. Bitfury Clarke ASIC is fully optimized for SHA256 mining.

Developers say that the chip is based on five previous generations of ASICs. Compared to them, Bitfury Clarke ASIC shows advanced characteristics.

The hash rate can reach 120 GH/s and energy consumption equals to 55 mJ/GH. The required minimal voltage is 0.3 V.

Botnet eliminates concealed cryptocurrency miners

Cyber security researchers have noticed Fbot that finds and destroys software for concealed mining.

The basic module of the botnet is often used for DDoS attacks, but it is deactivated in Fbot. Instead, Fbot has a function that allows looking for devices with software for concealed mining.

The botnet is distributed through open ports, looks for com.ufo.miner, and deletes it.

Ripple releases a new payment system in October

Ripple is planning to release xRapid cryptocurrency solution in October. The cross-border payment system will use XRP tokens.

Developers state that the solution will increase the transaction speed. Three cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex, Bits, and have already partnered with xRapid ecosystem.

France will issue ICO visas

Blockchain news: ICO visa and a new mining chip

The French Parliament has approved the draft law of the financial regulator AMF about ICO regulation. The document offers the concept of ICO visas issued to startups.

According to the new rules, companies planning to conduct an ICO have to file applications for special visas and provide the whitepaper.

Besides the required documents, companies have to explain which rights tokens provide to owners, how legal issues are solved, and how the raised funds will be spent.

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