Nothing meant blockchain. Story by Valentina Drofa, ICOPR Agency CEO

Nothing meant blockchain. Story by Valentina Drofa, ICOPR Agency CEO

Drofa has been focusing on financial markets since 2007. Currently, she is the CEO at Drofa Communications Agency and ICOPR Agency. Previous year, Valentina Drofa was included in the list of the most influential women of Saint Petersburg according to the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper. She is also a Constant Forbes Columnist.

We talked to Ms. Drofa about how she started her work with ICO projects, why her agency, unlike others, managed to succeed, and about difficulties in launching campaigns.

I studied following Karl Marx's Das Kapital

started my career in the financial market sector in 2007 as a customer manager at the financial company. In my freshman year at the university (St. Petersburg State University), I studied following “Das Kapital” by Marx and Engels, thus nothing meant blockchain in my work.

Regular customers just asked us to promote their ICOs

I became interested in this issue purely accidental and at the request of our customers. We have been promoting financial companies such as Forex, broker firms, hedge funds etc. for 8 years. In June 2017, just after a specialized exhibition in Cyprus, customers of our PR agency asked us to prepare a campaign for their ICO projects. It all has started since that moment.

Our company aims to be pioneers in this market, to monitor its changes, and to become the best agency.

PR of ICOs and blockchain projects is one of the focus areas of our Drofa CA (Communication Agency). If ICOs are no longer exist, the agency won’t stop its operations. A share of ICOs in the portfolio of all agency customers is 40%-50%. However, I believe that this market will exist and there is no way around it.

This summer has shown what kind of specialist you are

We have not entered this market for a minute and have not performed landing pages quick and dirty, collecting the team of coaches, psychologists, theater ticket sales managers and whatever.

This summer has shown what kind of specialist you are. During this period, new agencies established specially for the ICO hype ceased to exist: the fewer customers, the less work. At the same time, we are going to establish a new agency office in Kazakhstan by the end of 2018, participate in exhibitions this fall, and we have some plans for 2019. The main challenges are related to the search for adequate people in our team. We have grown twice for this year. Therefore, we always look for new employees and endlessly train them.

I remember and know all our customers personally

In fact, there are not many competitors in this sector. There are individuals and agencies designed for the ICO market. Everything depends on your reputation on the market and the amount of companies you have worked with.

I remember and know all our customers personally. B2Broker was the first company we cooperated with. The guys launched an CO of the cryptocurrency exchange and raised 8 million dollars in the fall of 2017. As of today, our portfolio is consisting of more than 30 projects that we have worked with.

What has been and remains the most difficult is uncomprehending company owners who buy PR but think they buy traffic. Luckily, we have faced only three projects of such a kind over the years of our operation. The majority of publications about the project will be paid: this should be clarified at the very beginning of work.

Valentina Drofa will speak on October 10 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus within a panel discussion titled ‘Marketing for blockchain and ICO projects’.

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