Crypto experts to gather in Minsk on February 27 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

Crypto experts to gather in Minsk on February 27 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

On February 27, Minsk will host the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus, the event dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO.


Why Belarus?

On December 22, 2017, the President of the country signed the Decree on the development of the digital economy. The document outlines actions aimed at cryptocurrency and blockchain development. The relevant changes in the legislation should be prepared by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus within three months.

For example, cryptocurrency transactions will be subject to tax charges, but they have benefits as well. Carrying out ICO will be possible through the residents of the Belarus High Technologies Park. At the same time, legal entities are entitled to perform operations on digital assets only through cryptocurrency exchanges and specialized operators. The activity of the exchanges will be monitored by the National Bank.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus: Crypto experts to gather in Minsk on February 27 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus


Individuals will have the right to buy, exchange, alienate, donate and bequeath tokens and cryptocurrencies. Mining will also turn out to be completely legal. Moreover, all listed actions won’t be recognized as entrepreneurial activity, and consequently won’t be taxed.

Such steps of the authorities show interest in regulating digital assets and blockchain. As the result, Belarus can become one of the first countries in Europe, where all participants of the cryptocurrency relations will be protected by law.


Event topics

The more detailed future prospects of Belarus against the background of the digital economy legalization will be discussed at the first blockchain conference. During Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus, the event guests will listen to expert opinions on the future of cryptocurrencies, learn about best practices on the integration of the distributed ledger technology and digital assets into business.



The key topics follow modern trends of the crypto community. The conference participants will discuss:

  • the legislative regulation of digital assets in the world; 
  • bring up an issue of the blockchain development; 
  • analyze the most attractive projects for investment;
  •  share their experience in preparing for ICO.

Speakers of the bitcoin conference are world-renowned representatives of the blockchain industry, founders and CEOs of large companies and high-profile startups, bitcoin evangelists and legal experts.

Attendees of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus will also enjoy an exhibition of software and hardware. Everyone will be able to get acquainted with the best solutions based on the blockchain technology, learn about their properties and advantages.

One of the most important aspects of the bitcoin conference is networking. All those interested will get a possibility to communicate with speakers in an informal atmosphere, ask questions, and build new business contacts.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus is designed for cryptocurrency investors, representatives of blockchain startups, developers, marketers, legislators, lawyers, financiers and consultants working with cryptocurrency and ICO.



The conference is carried out by the international company Smile-Expo. Events from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series are held in 18 countries in Europe and Asia. In the last three years, the company has organized 21 blockchain events. This year, even more events are planned: at least 30.


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