Hotmine to sponsor Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

Hotmine to sponsor Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

Mining 2.0 sponsor Hotmine of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus will showcase its products at the demo zone.

Hotmine was founded in 2013 at the dawn of the blockchain technology development. Currently, the company not only develops mining equipment but also is an R&D center that supports various infrastructure and technology projects in the blockchain industry.

Hotmine is a team of enthusiasts who follow the changes of the blockchain industry. The company is elaborating the concept called Mining 2.0. Its idea lies in the introduction of rationalization solutions that allow combining data processing systems and domestic ecosystems.

Due to Mining 2.0, it became possible to attain beneficial use of heat from computing and then converting it into heat energy for private houses, industrial objects, roads, and greenhouses. According to its representatives, Hotmine goal is the implementation of existing technologies for the benefit of people.

Join us at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus scheduled for October 10 and find out more about innovative solutions! Visit the demo zone to meet the representatives of the conference sponsor – Hotmine.

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