How to choose mining hardware? CEO Alexander Petrakovsky will tell

How to choose mining hardware? CEO Alexander Petrakovsky will tell

Despite the arrival of new cryptocurrency mining methods, traditional mining remains the most in-demand. On October 10, CEO of Alexander Petrakovsky will explain how to choose mining devices correctly at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus.

Presentation topic – “How much do people earn from mining? Graphics cards or ASICs? Review of specific case studies”.

Through concrete examples, Alexander will explain:

  • the notion of mining and how its complexity grows;
  • how to choose hardware to increase revenue;
  • how to calculate and forecast the profit-making capacity of hardware;
  • ways of cooling down the hardware, the best options;
  • how to monitor hardware to ensure its fault tolerance.

The speaker has been working in the IT sector since 2001. In 2012, he became CEO of e-development venture fund, which purchased the Utro newspaper from RBC holding.

Alexander got interested in mining in 2013. At that time, together with Vladimir Nesterenko (SAPE.RU, BPC.ONE), he started to participate in the development of various crypto projects. In 2017, the expert became a co-owner and CEO at, a company that provides a full cycle of operation connected with procurement, installment, debugging, administering, and handling of mining hardware.

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