Foreign IT entrepreneurs got interested in Belarus

Foreign IT entrepreneurs got interested in Belarus

Adoption of the decree “On digital economy development” has drawn increased attention of foreign entrepreneurs to Belarus in terms of starting an IT business here, according to

It is noted that in December only hosting provider registered more than 90 domain names .by related to the distributed ledger technology and digital currencies. In particular, 30 out of them contain the word coin, 22 – crypto, 17 – bitcoin, 9 – mining, 8 – token and 4 – blockchain. The provider registered not more than 15 similar addresses prior to December.

According to the advisor of the Hi-Tech Park (HTP), potential residents started contacting the HTP to receive a consultation regarding the registration terms. Not only local but also foreign companies are interested in the issue.

Currently, the HTP cannot accept documents as the decree will come into effect on March 28.

Besides, Aleinikov & Partners law firm observes demand for legal consultations regarding cryptocurrency, mining operations, and registration with the HTP. Lawyers say they are contacted by residents of Brazil, Australia, India, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and Japan.

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