Effective investments: top 10 promising startups developing blockchain

Effective investments: top 10 promising startups developing blockchain

More than 800 cryptocurrencies issued during the period of blockchain fever are already officially ‘dead’, and only 8% of 80 000 blockchain startups established at the same period still work – such a statistics was provided by the Chinese analytical company CAICT. However, investors continue to invest millions of dollars in blockchain, because it is recognized as the technology of the future. It's not just about token buyers, but also about big venture investors: for example, the Coinbase exchange raised a record-breaking $108 million, when closing the D series.

Particular attention is attracted by the blockchain startups in Belarus, Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland, the Netherlands – these countries are among the five best jurisdictions.

Investors in the blockchain startups of 2018 use a more balanced approach to investing. Capital owners invest large sums, but carefully consider the projects. For instance, in March 2018, venture capital invested in blockchain startups reached 40% of the total investments in 2017, but the number of transactions was much smaller.

Which blockchain startups are chosen by the investors? Today we’ll list those projects that were recognized as the best ones by authoritative portals: analysts believe them to be promising, and investors have invested the largest sums in them.


Smart contracts

Smart contract is the most important aspect of blockchain. A number of young companies hope to make a revolution using them in various sectors.


The startup’s idea is a service the users of which will be able to create legal documents based on smart contracts. At the same time, to do so, they don’t need any knowledge of programming and jurisprudence: the process will become simple and intuitive due to the artificial intelligence and well-thought interface. Agrello was marked as the best project among the most popular blockchain startups in 2018 according to Insider.pro.


Service for freelancers, where they cannot be afraid to lose their payment: the transaction with the customer will be based on smart contracts, and blockchain will make the resource more profitable than the regular exchanges with a ‘safe deal’ function.




Blockchain platform for micro-crediting. There are many such projects: they make it possible to use more accessible banking services, especially in those regions of the world where the banking system is not developed. The advantage of Bloom is a new type of credit rating (Bloomscore).


Blockchain with high scalability and speed, created in the Silicon Valley. It is reported that the developers of Amazon, Google and Microsoft have a hand in it; its main feature is incredible scalability. The maximum block size is not limited here, and the number of transactions reaches thousands per second. Analysts called it a promising blockchain startup, since Cypherium has the potential for commercial implementation.


Talk to experts and pay for their advice with tokens: the Experty blockchain service offers an application for video communication with a possibility to pay to the one who gives the consultation. Experts don’t need to register in the system and confirm their skills: it is assumed that experts and users find each other on a third-party resource, and Experty serves only for communication and payment.

Trust Token

A blockchain platform for tokenization of real assets. The company raised $20 million through ICO and has already released the first working product – TrueUSD stable coin, tied to the dollar.


Distributed ledgers


A startup, which aims at the creation of a blockchain-based identification system. Using a single entry point, developers plan to provide users with an access to various aspects of their private information, presented in a digital form in blockchain: from citizenship to banking operations.


Startup in the field of logistics. It is focused on cargo transportation and allows you to track the supply chain: from the sending point to the recipient's home. It is reported that the project was supported by the former CEO of DHL Roger Crook.


The last but not the least in the list of popular blockchain startups is Loci – a resource for copyright protection. Here you can get an electronic blockchain-based patent and put up your idea for sale. Patent registration in state authorities is quite expensive, and Loci offers an affordable alternative.

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